Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back on Top

Well, sort of back on top...  After I made those buckets for Elliott's toys, my good friend, Nina, commented on how she had all of her kids' toys out in the living room to go through.  When she told me that I inspired her to get it done, I was in turn inspired to finish the job of getting things orderly.  So, armed with determination in one hand and a baby in the other, I marched into the kids room (that they never play in) and I cleaned.  I'm sure none of you are really very interested in the minute by minute replay, but suffice it to say that I killed spiders, cleaned up cobwebs, rearranged, and organized.  Whew!  It was actually encouraging to find out that things were not as unorganized as they seemed.  The organization that I implemented from before Caiden was born was still in place, it just needed a little refreshing...  And best of all, their room is now somewhere that they can read books and play.  Everyone loves some structure after all.

More interesting posts to come, I promise!  But how's that photo of Elliott and Caiden? Adorable!


The Montgomerys said...

They are so adorable!!! We miss them. I can't believe Caiden is so big and they look alot alike!!!!

I'm glad you're back on top!! Good work girl.

love you


Rachel was like.... said...

i seriously love this picture of the 'babes'. Caiden is getting so big!
thats so crazy your brother worked at that hotel! it was insane. even the work out room had a cathedral ceiling and huge chandelier hanging down in front of the treadmills. haha
miss you so much!