Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Little Munchin'

Even a little hip hop artist like Caiden needs a snack every once in while, right? I mean, how would she be able to perform if she wasn't eating for peak performance?!

We spent a lovely, relaxing day at a friend's house and napped and ate and played and napped and ate and played all day long. Elliott went swimming in the pool three different times throughout the day and although we set him up with arm floaties and equipped him with a variety of inflatable tubes, he refused to put any faith in them. Instead he walked around and around on the seat of the jacuzzi and the steps of the pool. But he had a blast, so who can mess with that...

(Oh! And Caiden got that new Hurley hat.)


The Montgomerys said...

Beautiful!!! She is so beautiful....give her kisses for us!!! I love her new hat too..super cool!!! Are you at Sue's? Tell her we said Hello.

Have fun

Love you


Nina49a said...

Lovin' the Hat!
How do you post four pics like that? Is it an i thing?