Saturday, July 26, 2008

Impromptu Rendezvous

photo by David Escalante

That's just so fun to say, isn't it? Impromptu rendezvous...

Anywho, tonight was really exciting because we had a little rendezvous with a really nice couple that we connected with through the blogging world. I never thought that could actually happen, but it did! Its true, there are actual normal people out there who frequent the internet... Who knew?

Turns out we have a lot in common with this couple and they happen to have a beautiful little boy as well as a gorgeous and friendly border collie. We spent the evening trying to get to know each other, while keeping our children corralled. Actually most of our time consisted of the beginning of sentences that got drowned out by Elliott's terrified screams over the poor dog simply looking in his direction. (This kid of ours is so skittish, it is amazing.)

But you know, I have to say, that having kids with you while trying to get to know someone can really be a blessing in disguise. It is like the true test of friendship. The perfect amount of strain to be able to actually see someone's true colors. Kind of like using torture to get the truth out of someone. "Now then," you say, "how patient are you, really?" "What would you do if say a little three year cuts you off every time you are trying to tell a story?" "Oh, that doesn't bother you? Well how about a ten month old screaming her head off while you try to eat a meal?" "Nothing? Well we could always throw in a little bit of drool (or a lot), a can of terrible toddler, and some too talkative parents that are starving for some conversation." "Still like us? Okay. I guess we can believe you..."

No, but really. We had a great time and are excited to do some things with our new found friends.


benvanderbeek said...

dang you beat us to it. :)

we've got some pictures to put up... kids riding dogs, things like that.

thanks for writing all this sweet stuff. we had a great time too.

benvanderbeek said...

Here they are. Blurtastic. ;)

The Montgomerys said...

That's cool Corynne!!! Very true what you say about kids and can be interesting but fun!!! :)

Nina49a said...

"He who has friends, must himself be friendly" - you guys are blessed with many!