Monday, July 21, 2008

Orange County Recap

Well, we're back home after a great little visit to Grandma's and Grandpa's house.

It was a week filled with adventure: two trips to the beach; a "camp fire" in the backyard to make s'mores; a visit to Haute Cakes and my new favorite cupcake place, Susie Cakes; a day at Sue's pool; a day spent with little friends; treasures from the swap meet; new hair cuts; a visit to great-grandpa Alfred's; and finally, a tearful goodbye...

For more photos from our trip, visit our gallery by clicking here.


Rachel was like.... said...

i just finished looking at your gallery of pictures. looks like you guys had a great time. and that cupcake looks really yummy!

The Montgomerys said...

I'm glad you had such a great time!!! I'm sort of jealous that it was cool enough to wear sweatshirts...uggghhhh it's too humid and hot and steamy I don't even want to think about a sweatshirt...I wish it was that cool....Oh I love your galery too....very adorable kids you guys got there :)

I love the Escalantes...they rock!!!

Love you


allisonescalante said...

ahhh. totally just left you a comment and now its not showing

allisonescalante said...

anyways... it said something like... i tried not to tell dad but when i really thought something was wrong with the car i had to. then he said, " you probably ran out of gas" hahaha. yep! he wasnt upset though.

and im sitting on the square thats at the computer but
i have it up a little and somehow chewy weaseled his way under it and now i cant put it down. im stuck in this awkward position. and i totally almost said coby weaseled his way under the square. ahahah im so funny!

Corynne Escalante said...

hhmmm... i can see why you might get those two confused, allison. name-wise that is... :]