Saturday, July 12, 2008

On My Mind: Friday

Elliott as a baby... Caiden (current)...

I thought I would leave you with an array of things I have been thinking about today...

1. Why is it that my house can't always be as neat as when I have guests?

2. My 9 month old daughter decides that she doesn't want plain old bread again, but she is still hungry. She decides that a tortilla will be fine, thank you very much!

3. Some of the best moments are when that crazy baby is just resting in your arms and hitting the function button on your computer over and over and over again.

4. When you're little you think your parents have everything under control and totally know what they are doing. But when you become a parent you realize that they were probably just 'winging' it and hoping/praying for the best most of the time and trying to hold things together by a thread, just like you are now...

5. It is particularly amusing when your 3 year old starts to understand the concept of either/and/or, because they use the new word all the time and ask you things like "Mom, can I have a Popsicle ooor...not." (which is kind of deceiving, because when they ask it that way, it sounds like they would be okay if you said no. This is not the case.)

6. Why is it that holding a dustpan for your mom is like the best thing in the world when you're three?

7. Although Caiden started out a lot like her brother (very active and early physical development) and I was thinking, "I thought you're only supposed to get one crazy kid", it turns out that she is not exactly like him in that she really needs me to be next to her all the time and needs a lot of cuddling which I think is a really good thing for me. It makes me be present in mind and body with my children.

8. Hooray for David's mom and sister driving 8 hours to come visit us for the weekend and then driving another 8 hours back.

Happy weekend, everyone... Enjoy!


Rebecca said...


Thats sweet. I remember you as a little girl!! :-) Although now that I look back. I think you were maybe 16?? Yah??? Not sure. Peter was still in dypers..can't spell. You watched him alot. I think right??

The Montgomerys said...


I love Dar & Allison!! (I hope she spells it like my sis Ally--if not..oops!!!

Please tell them we say Hi (ALL of them!!!) and we miss them.

I love your thoughts!

Love you CorYnne...