Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reunion of Old Friends and New

We were finally able to get in a visit with our old friends, the A's.   Elliott and Nevaeh are only a few months apart and used to play together next to each other quite often when we lived nearby. Elliott was always full of energy and crazy whereas Nevaeh was quite calm and rather reserved. Elliott would make poor Nevaeh cry almost every time they got together. We struggled through it though, because (at least for my part) it was so nice having a grown up friend who could relate (plus, I love Nina!). I was just incredibly lucky that Nevaeh's mom, Nina was so patient with us, allowing her little girl to be roughed up every once in a while by my rowdy boy.

Today, the old friends reunited and formed a new friendship... A talkative one! Last time Elliott and Nevaeh played they were a lot less conversive and a lot more baby. Seeing them together really brought it home how much they have changed and how quickly they are growing. It really was so adorable to see them conversing (well, you know how it is with men--the girl does all the talking and asking of questions while the boy is getting totally distracting with something else and not really paying attention).

There is little Nevaeh, no longer shy, talking away to Elliott about all sorts of things, when suddenly, she realizes--as he gets up from our little indoor picnic and walks away--that he isn't listening! "Why isn't he listening to me?" Nevaeh asks her mom.

"Oh, he's listening, sweetie, he's just 'slkethoigheiwo'" her mom responded. I'm not sure any of us knew what the heck Elliott was doing, but it wasn't listening!

Aside from my little man not being very gentlemanly, though, they got along splendidly! It was amazing to watch. They talked and played and seemed to really enjoy being together. Elliott didn't even make Nevaeh cry this time!

At least that is what I was thinking before this happened:

That, my friends, is poor little Nevaeh's eye--up close and personal! Elliott was doing his little photographer thing, snapping photos of us all. And while we thought everything was fine--Elliott and Nevaeh only a few feet from us--we suddenly heard that all too familiar sound... Nevaeh crying.

"Elliott! Did you hurt her?"

Well, it wasn't intentionally meant to cause pain, but Elliott got that camera so close to her face it was probably practically touching her eye! We couldn't figure out why she suddenly got so upset about the flash going off when she seemed to be fine with it just a few moments before. It wasn't until we went through Elliott's footage that we realized what had happened...

He just kept getting closer and closer until, bam! You get the picture (literally)...

That was pretty much our cue to leave.

We had a great time strengthening old bonds--and forming new ones. Charlotte and Caiden seemed to bond beautifully and I hope they will remain fast friends and bossom buddies forever. (Not much to tell about their interactions, but they were so cute in the stroller together yanking toys back and forth. And Charlotte is a beautiful little doll, for the record.)

Hopefully, despite these minor glitches in Elliott's and Nevaeh's relationship, we will still be able to get those two to fall in love and be hitched eventually as planned...

(This post was primarily about the little munchkins, but again to put something on record, it was so nice to see Nina and also beautiful Rachel, who I love!)


Rachel was like.... said...

haha! i was you would put up the serious of shots leading up to the tramatic "eye shot". i sent you an email with the pictures i took from today. o..and i love you too!! :D

brittanyanne said...

Dearest Corynne,

How about Thursday sometime? I think I will be down there in the afternoon/ early evening... and I might just bring Maggie along... would that work? Let me know!

The Montgomerys said...

Wait, you guys switched babies in that group shot right? Sound like lots & lots of fun.....

All the kids are so CUTE!!!!

Love Mon

Nina49a said...

Oh My Goodness! What a day! Very well put my dear.