Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pretty Neat! Coat Rack..

Hey there. I thought I would go ahead and share with you all a little project I worked on a few weeks back. I must say I'm pretty proud of it.

Mostly this project was born out of necessity and the fact that I was left alone while the kids were asleep and hubby was off at bible study or some other event that I could not attend since I'm the keeper of the kids...

I would probably categorize my style of working as creative, haphazard, and impatient with bursts of inspiration carried out wrecklessly and with abandon. Yes, I think that just about does it.

Anyways, we had been needing a coat rack of some sort and one night, the inspiration hit me. I took a piece of wood (it was actually a slat from our old ikea bed) and covered it will black shelving paper. If I would have had a drill, I would have gone right to work with the next step and probably destroyed the whole thing. But, as luck would have it, our drill had no battery. So the next day, our maintenance man came around and I employed his help. We had these pieces of wood that we cut off from Elliott's first Christmas tree. They were meant to be sent to family members as ornaments, but he's now three and we never got around to it.

So, our handyman, Pat, drilled holes in the pieces of trunk first, so that they wouldn't split when the screw was driven in. They were then drilled into the paper covered board. We then used some kind of plastic dry wall anchor things to screw into the wall and then screwed our finished project into the anchors and... voila! A new coat rack. Pretty classy!


Rachel was like.... said...

i love it! thats simply amazing! i wish i had more of your creative mind.

brittanyanne said...

LOVE IT! That's so creative and looks like it could have cost $395 at Anthropologie! Good job!