Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Announcements, Announcements, Annooooouuuuncements!

Hey folks, a few updates to share with you...

1. We put in a 30 day notice at our rental in Santa Rosa so here we come, Berkeley; hopefully by July 1st.  Woot! (Still looking for a place to live, though.)

2. Husband looked at my driver's license today and realized it had expired
in February!!  I hit up the DMV and guess what... New picture!  I'm so
stoked.  My last picture had me with super short hair and was very
unflattering... I wasn't expecting a picture so we'll see how it turns out.  I stoond in front of the blue screen with the awful lighting and the lady said, "smile!" I smiled awkwardly until she told me, "Sign here.  Oh, I didn't take it yet, I just had to make sure it was you! Your hair was so short!"

3.  I spent nearly 2 weeks in Orange County and came back with a "half-calf" tan...  You don't want to know.  I will look ridiculous all summer, I'm sure.  Very exciting.  We did have a blast, though.

4.  I found a new perfume to love at Sephora... very mild and delicious.  I hesitate to tell you the name...  Here's the link!

5.  Oh! And Dave and I got to have a weekend away in San Jose for an Acts29 church planter bootcamp.  Such a blessing.  We even snagged a photo with D.A Carson...  We hung out with some friends, had lots of good coffee, and played bocce at our hotel!

I would love to post some less "me-centric" content, but life is kinda closed in right now.  Thanks for your prayers, friends.