Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miss Sis

Speaking of Swiss Miss, I miss my sis!  I really do. 

Isn't she a beaut? She's younger than me and I've always had this theory that although all of my parents 6 children have good looks, the beauty increases with each younger sibling.  Heather outshines me in beauty, personality, and spirit and I love her for it. (Although, I know she probably feels the opposite.) This little sister of mine has always fueled me.  Always spirited and exciting, she lured me out hum-drumness (new word!) and taught me to be silly.  Always a pal, she camouflaged my insecurities and enabled me to meet people (like my husband!).  An encourager, she always helped me carry on when I felt too weak or insecure to do so.  Confident, she has helped me to be too and has given me courage to do things I wouldn't have (like acting and singing). Selfless, she has always, always given to me, putting my interests ahead of her own. Protective, she's slept on the floor outside my bedroom door to make sure I was okay during the worst of my sickness in high school.  A fighter, she'd fight for me always.  A friend, the best kind.

Its so... very, very special to have a sister.  And I am blessed with 5 (2 from parents, 3 by marriage)! I love my Heather...

P.S. She's not gone, she just lives a 10 hour drive away.  But sometimes it feels like a lifetime.  Youth is a fleeting, isn't it?  Enjoy the season you are in.  It doesn't last forever.  <3

Friday, October 29, 2010

Musings on Inequalities

The small things in life really take the cake, don't they?  Like a hot beverage on a cold, rainy day.  Cuddling up with a warm blanket and a book or the one you love as long as the lights have a warm glow and the house is still.

A new resurgent pleasure for me has been hot chocolate.  I have spurned hot chocolate for many, many years and I think I have finally discovered what has put me off from it.  It is simple.  *Not all hot chocolate is created equal.*  This is a very important fact to understand.  Then, and only then, can healing happen between you and a lackadaisical feeling toward the drink.  Turns out, that I very much enjoy a small mug of Swiss Miss hot chocolate every now and again.  Why?  Because it is rich and creamy and full--Not watery and chalky chocolatey. My friend, Britton, told me Swiss Miss has milk already in it to make it more rich. Unlike a random brand I bought for the kids a while back.  Just because its organic, doesn't mean they know how to make hot chocolate delicious...right?

Anyway, I thought it important to encourage any childhood hot chocolate fans who have been disillusioned to join back in the game this rainy season. Maybe you only think you don't like hot chocolate when really you have just been jaded by a cheap version of the good stuff.  Try something new... The water is grand!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buried Alive

...beneath this mountain of books.

You probably haven't seen me much around these parts. I've been swamped. Did I tell you that we are homeschooling Elliott this year? I can't remember.  Well, we are.  He started Kindergarten this year, which to most people doesn't seem daunting.  After all, Kindergarten is not even a required grade (did you know that?)!  But I didn't know where to begin.  Hence, a very late start to the school year--we're probably about 3 to 4 weeks behind.  Between finally receiving our books (yay!) to visiting family in Orange County, we've barely squeaked in 2 weeks of school.  But I think we're getting the hang of it.

My days have consisted of: waking up, reading our Bibles, getting breakfast for all, starting school, making lunch, running to the store, back for naps (for Caiden) while finishing up school with Elliott, working out (while Caiden naps), taking a shower, making dinner, family time, brushing teeth, putting kids in bed, cleaning up, dropping into bed. Not much spare time.

We are so excited about our "curriculum" which is actually just a fantastic library of amazing literature.  That pile of books is only about half of the books that came in our two massive boxes from Sonlight.  We love it so far. 

Surprisingly (for me), Elliott's favorite subjects have been history and science which have been mostly gleaned from a children's encyclopedia.  He loves to just sit and absorb.  I'm more of a "doer" which I think is why I was surprised at how much enthusiasm he as for the more hands-off stuff.

So, its been fun. However, pray for me! I'm still trying to figure out how to manage our time well.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Caiden's "Three" Day

Here's the birthday girl in all her glory.  Auntie Alsie made her a birthday crown.  Seen here, enjoying an imaginary tea party.

Seen here, taking my picture...

Seen here, happy about cake...

And getting ready...

Seen here, crumbling...

Its the three year birthday curse, the "crying during the birthday song" curse.

Seen here, hiding while brother and I pitch in to blow out her candles...

Good job, brother!

Seen here, recovering under the promise of presents...

Seen here with the pink bike she wanted... Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

Happy birthday, Caiden!  We love you.
The End.

{Thanks to Allison for help with photo documentation}