Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Have A Technologically Advanced Child

1.)Always have the latest and greatest new thing technology can bring.

2.)Have a husband obsessed with having the latest and greatest new thing technology can bring.

3.)Have a husband that works somewhere where 1.) and 2.) are possible.

4.)Keep aforementioned technology easily accessible to said child.

5.)Encourage child to use aforementioned technology as much as possible.

6.)Praise child for each new development in learning new technology.

7.)Use the latest and greatest new technology to keep in contact with far off family to familiarize child with programs such as video chat and iChat.

8.)Use the latest and greatest new technology in every aspect of your life such as playing music, watching movies, talking on the phone, etc.

9.)Encourage child to use the technology for these things as well.

10.)Ooh and aah excessively in praise when child learns how to turn on new technology by his/her self.

11.)Likewise, ooh and aah excessively in praise when child learns how to use the mouse on your computer.

12.)Teach child how to operate and play games on new technology.

13.)Leave new technology with child to shut him/her up when you need to get something done around the house.

14.)Use new technology as a distraction to keep child quiet and occupied when out in public or out to dinner.

15.)Allow child regular access to electronics such as digital cameras and iPhones.

16.)Pull out your monster of a camera on a regular basis and take lots and lots of photos of child and then show him/her the images of him/her self after taking each shot to help him/her develop a love and respect for all things digital.

17.)Use small, but still good quality, pocket digital camera as a practice instrument for child.

If you do all of these things on a regular basis, you too can have a technologically advanced child who will be very interested in all things computerized, electronic, and devoid of old-fashioned imagination.  Good luck!


jess said...

I've got 1-3 and 8 down, but I guess I actually NEED a child for the rest ;)
sweet pix!!!

allisonescalante said...

i totally thought caiden's shirt said " saved organs" ahahaha and then i saw the second picture where the dreams became more clear.( that should be a song title) - i just thought to myself, maybe cryn went to a hospital recently or a blood bank to give blood and the nurses there thought caiden was so cute that they gave her this shirt that says- SAVED ORGANS! hahahah oh well. you can see that i grew up with my imagination, and can still revert to it when needed. its probably just because im a girl!