Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cryn Tip : Cleaning the Tub...the Easy Way

I have one of those plastic bathtub/shower shells and it is so hard to scrub that dark circle of grime off of the inside of the tub.  I dread bathroom cleaning day because I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I can never seem to get the tub all the way clean and that bothers me.  Not to mention the fact that you have to bend down and scrub from a really awkward angle which makes it difficult to get good leverage and force to scrub off the scum.

I just kept thinking that there must be an easier way.  And there is!  Use your mop.  Its that simple.  We have one of those braided rope mops and I decided to sanitize it one day with some comet while cleaning the tub and let me tell you, it made all of the difference in the world!  It gives you incredible leverage and force making the job of cleaning the tub a breeze.  Instead of bending down and trying to scrub at an awkward angle, just get your mop in there and while standing outside of the tub, you simply push the mop up and down and all over with ease. Try it.  You'll be hooked, I guarantee.


kyle d cole said...

i know this will sound incredibly strange, but you totally just solved a HUGE problem i've been having for at least 7 years.


Nina49a said...

...your so smart

Nina49a said...

correction:'re so smart

Lindsey said...

great idea! i love practical tips.