Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Children as Worshipers

A few months ago at church we looked at Mark 14 where Mary performs a costly act of worship toward Jesus when she breaks a flask of expensive perfume over his head.

Later that week, we discussed the passage again and dissected it at our "community group" on Friday night.  Since then, I have been mulling over the fact that we were created to be worshipers and when we are worshiping God we are doing exactly what we were created to do.  How much pressure this alleviates! Knowing what "the point" is.  The reason for life.  As this mindset has been affecting me, I have been praying over it for my kids.  Praying that God would show them who He is and that they would be worshipers of Him.  Since then, I've seen the Lord answer my prayers in a couple of obvious ways:

February 4, 2013  ||  The most beautiful thing happened the other night.  After we put Caiden to bed, we could hear her contentedly singing her little heart out.  She was "ramble singing"--just rambling on about all sorts of things that were true about God and I realized: "She is worshiping right now."  Just by speaking aloud the true things about God for no other reason than that they are true and good and beautiful.

March 10, 2013 ||  Elliott was so overcome while thinking about the Lord that He teared up telling me, "I just love Him (God) so much!  I don't know why... I just.... I just love him so much!"  That was worship, too.

This causes me to worship as I realize that all of these actions and confessions are a work of the Holy Spirit in my children's lives.  It is not something that I can coerce them into or will it into being.  It is the direct grace of God upon them to reveal Himself and His character and His love to the kids I love most in my life.  I hold none of it in my hands--I cannot grasp it--all I can do is lift up my hands in surrender and worship to the One who holds it all in His hands.