Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hazardous Play

Out of all the things a kid could watch, who knew that Curious George could be the worst and most dangerous of them all? Not me, that's for sure. Here I've been trying to weed out movie content that has bad attitudes, robots that fight, destruction, disrespect, talking back, fighting between siblings--all to find out that a little monkey on roller skates could top all that in one fell swoop! (literally, ha!)

Check out the number these harmless Thomas the Tank Engine trains did on Elliott's back...

So, there's this episode of Curious George in which he was supposed to clean up his toys because his friend had stepped on a toy truck that was in the middle of the floor and rolled into the wall. But instead of cleaning, George decided that roller skating looked way more fun. So he made himself a pair of roller skates out of toy cars. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Elliott thought so too, apparently, because tonight I looked up just in time to see him crash or fall or something--I couldn't quite make it out. Turns out, he tried to go skating like George and boy does he have some mean marks to prove it... Ouch! Crazy kid! Poor thing...

Although I can sympathize with the desire to strap things to your feet
and glide around (I've always wanted to strap on some scrub brushes and
skate around the kitchen cleaning the floor like Pippy Longstocking.),
trying to skate on a pair of train cars is just not a good idea. And I
would have told him that at the time, if I had been aware of his
impending actions. Sadly, I was not and the picture above was the
result. Jeez!

(Photos by the ridiculously talented and good looking David Escalante.)

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The Montgomerys said...

Ouch!!! I hope little El feels better!!! Who knew cartoons could be so crazy! I love Pippi...I want to do that too!!!

Love you