Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello, from down below.

Do you ever feel like your entire existence is a huge, massive disaster of a mess? Made up of random toys and clothes and books and dishes? Helicopters that are missing their rotor blades, dolls void of their garments? Blocks and toy figures mixed up with cars and trains and all kinds of other goodness only knows what kinds of toys? And they are all strewn everywhere?!!

I do! Yes, yes, I do...

But, I am desperately trying to claw my way back to the top of the ever raging battle for control. So, a thought popped in to my mind. What if I wrote the name of the kind of toys that go in each bucket and drew pictures on them so that Elliott will know what goes where. Well, that is just what I did, as you can see below, and it actually has been incredibly useful. Not only does it help Elliott pick up his toys, but it also helps Daddy know where things go too!

So, if you have been wondering where I have been recently, I've just been here, at home, buried beneath an endless pile of laundry, dishes, toys, and dirt. And it totally seems like as soon as I manage to make a dent, I have to make dinner and mess everything back up again! I know, I know, stop complaining. C'est la vie! That is life! I know. But that is where I have been, and probably will be for the next... inevitable amount of time.

But I did manage to wash the pillows from when Elliott wet the bed, scrub down the bathroom (tub included), straighten the master bedroom, do the dishes (at least twice), bake a cake, bake some mini cakes, make dinner, OH and I shelled fresh peas! Yep, I got inspired to buy fresh peas from this yummy recipe I saw at 101 cookbooks and from Chocolate and Zucchini's post here which shows the best way to "unzip" them from their shells. Now, be honest. Did you know that this is what fresh peas looked like?


Nina49a said...

You are my Kindred Spirit! I just dumped every toy we own into the livingroom floor to organize them! i gave up half way through and came to read your blog...I am inspired and I Will finish tomorrow... And yes I knew peas looked like that but only from pictures! Do you like peas?

The Montgomerys said...

Mmmmm fresh peas!!! Sounds like my life...right now my laundry is everywhere I think it has totally taken over my life. It's washed but I cannot get to folding and putting them away....I'm going nuts...the toy thing...yeah I'm feeling ya. That is such a great idea.



Corynne Escalante said...

nina: yes, i do like peas. the fresh ones are especially good and nothing like their canned nemesis that gives them a bad name. but wait, oh yeah, you hate vegetables... i forgot. :-) but they are very fresh and healthy tasting. you can eat them raw, too. scrumptious!