Saturday, June 7, 2008

Amazing natural occurrence

You gotta give it up to the East Coast when it comes to thunder and
lightening storms. Simply stunning and amazing. It has been so long
since I saw a good lightening storm. I don't know if you can tell
from this low quality photo, but that is lightening. Over here it
lights up the whole sky. Its like the heavens are snapping a photo of
you using a flash. Its not like those skinny little fingers of
lightening you see in books. This is something you have to see... I
love it. I'm so glad we had this storm before we leave tomorrow.

1 comment:

Nina49a said...

Oh My Goodness! Quite a trip my dear! I told you, you were one of the bravest women I know! Just get back to California in one piece okay? Along with your priceless lil jet setters. praying for u.