Tuesday, May 20, 2008

They're Just Babes

Today was quite a day...  

On Monday, David and I consulted and decided that it would be okay for Elliott to start watching "Finding Nemo", again.  He wasn't allowed to for a while.  We were thinking he was a bit young.  (I still have my doubts.)  About half of the movie we end up having to skip to the next scene.  Elliott will get this worried expression on his face and put his hands over his ears. He was so excited to be able to watch "Nemo" again, though, so we've been watching it yesterday and today and probably tomorrow and the next day, too.  (Oddly enough, we went to an orthodonist today who sounded australian and had an animal themed office.)

Tonight, when we were putting him to bed, he kept stalling.  He kept having things he needed me to do or say before he could go to sleep.  After we did what was supposed to be the last thing and then I would leave, he said, "Mom!  Mom, talk to me.  Just talk to me."  (heart- wrencher)

"Talk to you about what, Elliott?"

"Just talk to me, Mom."  "Talk to me about Jesus."

Now, how are you supposed to say no to that?  After we talked about Jesus for a little while, he called David in to the room and got very serious.  

"Dad.  Dad. On Nemo, Nemo's Dad picked him up when he was a little egg.  (insert lots of stuttering and trying to get to the point)  And he picked him up in his, like his, feather (fin) and then he like moved him to his other one and he went like this (insert stroking motions) and he said, like.  he said, (dramatic pause)  'I love you.'"

The other milestone for today is that Caiden's first tooth cut through a tiny bit on her bottom gums.  She has been so emotional and cute.  She will be totally fine and then all of a sudden, she'll just break down and cry.  Its like she wants to be happy, but she just can't quite hold it together.  Its adorable.

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kristy said...

truly moving...what a night.