Saturday, May 17, 2008

Its finally here!

So, a year ago, April 1st, we packed up all of our belongings and made the long trek from Orange County to Santa Rosa.  That is, we packed up everything except for my piano.  It was just an ordinary piano, not anything special.  Actually it was pretty clunky and out of tune.  But being able to play the piano has always been important to me, so it was so hard to leave it behind.

Even though my family moved a lot while I was growing up, we always had a piano.  I could sit and play for hours.  In highschool if I was at home I would spend most of my time in front of the baby grand piano that I was lucky enough to have in my bedroom.  (That is another whole story of its own that consists of a homemade ramp, a pulley, and some really strong people to get it to the second story and into my bedroom, where it probably still resides today as there is no way to get it out!)  

Anyway, when David and I moved to Santa Rosa, we left our little upright piano behind, with the intention of getting another one soon after we arrived here.  But a nice piano can be pretty expensive and it just never seemed to work out.  So, I kept looking and waiting.  I can't tell you how many times I have scoured Craigslist in desperation.  I really longed to play.  (If you are a musician, I am sure you can understand that desire for musical expression, yes?)  

After much waiting--impatiently or not--I found the sweetest couple who were giving away their piano to make room for the piano of her childhood that her parents were finally willing to part with.   

This piano that I was given is beautiful!  It has a very nice sound and is actually like 200% better than my old piano and we haven't even tuned it yet...  Not only is it gorgeous and lovely to listen to, but... it was free!  I am so amazed and thankful and blessed.  I so missed being able to make music in my home.  And I really wanted my kids to grow up watching me play.  I want to instill in them the love for making music that their mom and dad both have.  And now that is possible...  Hooray!  We have all been taking turns playing around with our new box of music.  All is right with the world--or at least in our little world at home.

(I'm getting tired of posting all of my awful iPhone photos, so maybe I'll have Dave take some professional photos of our new piano and post them later...) Happy Sunday everyone!

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kristy said...

yay sweetie! i'm so excited for you! my heart lept with excitement, i know how much it means to you...

have a lovely day...see you soon!