Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sweet Fashion

Here's a look at Elliott and my sweet outfits we got to wear at the hospital today for Elliott's x-ray.  Did you see my awesome thyroid cover?  NICE.  And that little golden thing on my sleeve is Elliott's leopard sticker that attached itself to my shirt.

So, we arrived at the hospital at 7:50 for our 8:00 appointment.  After we waited in admitting, we were sent down to radiology.  After we waited in the radiology lobby, we were ushered down a long meandering hallway to our x-ray room where we met up with our technicians (one actual technician and--surprise, surprise--one student technician.  I ALWAYS get the learners).  Once we were in the room, Caiden started crying and fussing and Elliott started to get kind of scared.  And then I found out that this was no simple little picture taking.  No, no.  This would require Elliott to drink some nasty concoction and then do an x-ray and then wait and then do another one and then wait.  This was going to take a while.  So, it was then that I realized that having Caiden with me was not going to work.  I was ushered back out to the waiting room where I frantically started calling people I knew to see if they could come get Caiden.  Finally, I got a friend to come get her and while we waited for our friend, I did double duty by feeding Caiden her cereal and reading Elliott "Peter Rabbit". 

Once we got rid of Caiden we went back in for the x-rays and Elliott started freaking out about the big machine, the big, huge, lead apron I had to wear and all the people.  He ended up calming down when he realized that I wasn't going to leave him and he did so good.  What a trooper!  He had to drink a lot of this white fluid that was really chalky and while he didn't like it, he did drink it.  One of the people there kept bringing him stickers and he did really well.  I was so proud of him.    It was kind of fun, because we got to watch the liquid travel from his stomach all the way through his intestines.  You could watch the x-ray like a video and then they would freeze frame it every once in a while.  The whole time I kept thinking about all of those young children who fight cancer and other illnesses and how hard it must be on them.  You don't really realize how scary it is for them to be in the hospital and get "worked on."  

A few hours and it was all over.  I took Elliott to the gift shop and he picked out some red vines as his treat for being so brave.

At 3:45 we got the call from the pediatrician who gave us the all clear and let us know that everything looked good.  No surgery required, so that's a relief.  Now we just wait for him to get sick again and play pin the needle on the boy and see what we come up with...


Nina49a said...

My heart starts beating really fast when I see those pics of Elliott on the table. A reminder to be greatful for healthy kids huh? Glad everything is OK.....And I am so impressed that you were 10 min. early to an 8 o'clock appt.!

Nina49a said...

Your new header is Oh so cool!
Can i get the number to your graphic design artist!

brittanyanne said...

Yay! I am glad that they didn't find anything on the x-rays but do hope that you guys are able to figure whats going on soon!

P.S. You reminded me of a character from Star Wars in those special clothes. :)