Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Caiden's First Sleepover in Which She Doesn't Sleep Over

Caiden got invited to her first sleepover last weekend.  The invitation stated that it was a "pink party" and that the guests should wear or bring their pink pajamas.  Since Caiden wasn't going to actually spend the night, she donned her pink pajamas before arriving.  We were surprised to realize she had out-grown her pink slippers, so we put those ballerina slippers to use yet again.

Caiden kind of reminds me of a hermit crab sometimes: hard to coax out of its shell, un-willing to leave its own home for another.  Or maybe more like a clam: shut tight!  So, I was a bit surprised at how excited and insistent she was about the whole "sleepover" thing.  

She seemed so grown up, going to a party without her brother.  The two of them haven't done much independently from each other...

As planned, my little sea mussel clung to me like, well, a sea mussel pretty much the whole time.  She ate some food, used some puffy paint, watched her friends play, and came home with me towards the end of the night.  And she made sure to grab a little extra goodies for Elliott who had been left behind.

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