Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Caiden Writes a Birthday Note

I'm starting think that Caiden might be slightly introverted.  She has a hard time with big groups of kids. If a party is going on with lots of kids, Caiden will want to go, but when we get there she will usually just hang back and chill on the sidelines with me.  So when she was invited to celebrate her friend's birthday just one-on-one, she was very excited!  I think that Caiden felt like her friend did this just for her.

I was pretty impressed with how Caiden was able to express and communicate her thoughts and feelings in this birthday message for her friend. It is always a treat to get little glimpses, like this, into her soul.  And I love how she uses words like 'excellent', 'peaceful', and 'queen':
"How did you know I like birthday parties peaceful and not scary?"

And those last few sentences read:
"I think you are as beautiful as a little special queen.  You're excellent at pretending you are a baby."

Caiden has always been a little spark of laughter and fun around here; and I was totally laughing, today, when I got to see more of who Caiden is when I read this...  Love.

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