Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Gospel and Caiden

A few weeks ago, we were driving home from a lengthy outing of grocery shopping when Elliott suddenly became offended in the backseat, sitting next to Caiden.

"Caiden!  You hurt me and you promised me that you wouldn't hurt me.  You broke your word.  That is not okay Caiden.  You broke your word!"

On and on he went, very vocal about the offense.  I'm still not sure about all of the particulars, but apparently, he felt betrayed.

Meanwhile, Caiden was worriedly trying to defend herself: "I didn't mean to! It was an accident!"

"Well, you still broke your word, Caiden." Elliott chided.

Caiden took this condemnation extremely personal and was totally battered and broken by Elliott's claims, until finally the only thing she could muster in defense and self preservation was, "Well... God still loves me!!!"

It was her only defense.  She had nothing else with which to justify herself.  It was absolutely beautiful and astounding.  She gets it.  My little 4 year old girl understands what the Gospel means to her.  No matter what she does, or how she fails, she will always be accepted by her heavenly Father, because Jesus has given her that standing with God when He laid her blame on Himself and gave her His own acclaim that He deserves in place of it.

As a parent, there are so many things you are bound to get wrong.  My prayer as a parent has been that
I would effectively display daily dependence on Jesus and love for Him.  I want my kids to see my desperate need for Jesus in every part of my life.  I know that they are watching me and modeling themselves after me.  Most of all, I want them to see that it is real.   I know this can only happen if it IS real.  And only God can do that in me and through me.  And apparently He is teaching them, as evidenced by Caiden's application of the Gospel in her own situation.

In spite of all my shortcoming and failures, He is teaching my children how to walk with Him and what the Gospel means to their lives.

The Gospel and Elliott can be read here.

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