Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elliott's Broken Heart

We don't get to see my side of the family very often so when we do its a treat.  Its been 2 years since the kids have seen my dad and stepmom.  We had 5 days with them this week, as well as a few with my aunt and uncle.  Grandma and Grandpa took the kids swimming every day, gave them driving lessons, taught them songs, and got reacquainted.

Tonight, the grandparents headed to the airport and as Elliott was getting ready for bed he started crying.  "I really miss Grandpa and Grandma," he cried.  "I wish they didn't have to leave."

And then as he was brushing his teeth, "I can't stop [crying]. Its just so painful!"

Poor guy.  We spent some time cuddling, reading the Bible, and praying.  We started talking about our time with Grandma and Grandpa and what we liked about it.  I asked Elliott what he likes best about his grandparents and his answers were just so sweet.

"I like that Grandpa is really funny and that he sang 'the song that never ends' with me.  And I like that Grandma helps me a lot and makes sure that I'm okay--like she will put her arm around me and pat my arm..."

And those things perfectly describe both my dad and my stepmom respectively.  I love how they each have their own unique things to bring to the table that are very different from the other, but are complementary to both.  My dad is over the top and makes things wild and fun, while my stepmom is calm and reassuring, creating a safe and loving environment.  I'm very thankful for them both.

I thought Elliott's assessment of their personality traits were surprisingly astute and timely as well, because I was discussing that very topic with my stepmom this afternoon.  Its easy to undervalue your own worth when you look at what someone else can do.  The loud, crazy, fun one might get a lot of notoriety, but the calm, quiet, and loving personality makes just as loud of an impression on the heart.  Its liked the Veggies Tales mantra, "God made you special and He loves you very much."  You may not be able to do what someone else can do and that's okay--you shouldn't try.  It should suffice to simply enjoy the unique qualities of others and be yourself!

God is the Creator and He knows what He is doing when He makes us.  Each of us is uniquely equipped to fill the spot He has given us to occupy.


bekkah said...

i had fun hanging out with your fam! and i love how articulate elliot is. haha "it's just so painful!"

Mallorie said...

love this post! and where elliot's heart is at. that boy is precious.