Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Caiden's Bully Problem

A few months ago, I wrote about how I tricked my mom into getting me glasses and I put up some mock pictures of the kids in fake spectacles, never suspecting that in a mere 2 months my baby would actually need glasses to see!

We realized she couldn't see well at a pediatrician visit a few weeks ago.  She stood in the hallway looking at the vision chart just shrugging her shoulders, unable to see pictures I could clearly see standing next to her.   Poor gal!  It broke my heart to realize that her eyes weren't working properly.  So we went to an optometrist and got the final verdict: farsighted with the right eye doing most of the work.  So glasses it is with a patch over one eye for a few hours each day so that the other one can get a the chance to develop more skills.  The way I explained it to the kids was that Caiden's right eye is a bully and its not letting her left eye get any practice, so we have to cover it up so the left eye can get better.

Sometimes I forget that I had personified Caiden's eyes for them.  We'll be driving somewhere and Elliott will starting talking about "The Bully" and at first I'll be really confused, not sure what he's talking about, but then I remember and I chuckle to myself in surprise.  Out loud, I just say, "Yep, the bully eye."  I never imagined what an impression that little analogy would have them.  Its kind of nice, though.  It feels a little bit like an inside joke between us.  The joke about Caiden's Bully Problem.

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