Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Picnic

We had a picnic tonight.  Elliott set it up for us in the driveway yard.  The sun has been giving us that really good vibe lately, and we all enjoyed eating barbecue chicken salad while lounging around two pushed-together benches.

City folks outside walked past our mysterious fence and no doubt heard the sound of forks scraping against earthenware dishes as our dinner conversation revolved around make believe stories about the loquat tree behind us:  "What if Caiden was sitting under the loquat tree and we started shaking it and all of the loquats dropped around her in a pile, 'plop, plop, plop,' in a mound until it covered her?  And we started digging her out saying, 'Caiden! Are you okay? Caiden!' and when we finally found her, she would just being sitting there eating loquats and smiling?"  We all laughed and continued to eat while squinting from the glare of the sun as it drifted diagonally down the sky toward the bay.

I came inside while the sun was still making the day warm and peaceful and lazy to make some "Almost Flour-less Chocolate Cake" to eat with fresh strawberries while we watched the Giants beat the Dodgers for the second night in a row... Go Giants!

I feel like we're finally starting to settle in to summer and it feels so good.

This photo is by Dave

Summer = Magic.


bekkah said...

summer = magic, indeed. :]

bekkah said...

also, my legs made 2 cameos! haha

Mallorie said...

sounds like a fabulous evening!!

Mallorie said...

ps how was the cake? i just bookmarked the recipe. it looks sooo good!!