Sunday, November 28, 2010

This One Time in San Francisco

{Golden Gate Bridge from the city side}

{Golden Gate from the other side}

{Ferry Building}
A couple of my friends from Orange County sent me a quick note on Facebook to let me know they would be in the Bay Area and "would I be able to meet them in San Francisco for a day?"

How nice to be thought of!  So, that Sunday, after church, the kids and I drove the 40-ish minutes to the city and fulfilled my friends' three requests.  They wanted to 1. go to Chinatown 2. go over the Golden Gate Bridge 3. ride a trolley.  Luckily, they had already hit up Chinatown before my arrival, so all that was left was the bridge and the trolley.

First, I took them to Fort Point to see the bridge up close and personal, on the city side of the bridge, and then we drove over the bridge and saw it from the other side! 

Next stop: coffee break at Ritual Roasters on Valencia(awesome!), then some dinner at the Ferry Building (Gott's has the best garlic fries!), and finally we rode a trolley from the pier up to Market for a little shopping.

We had a little excitement with some crazies at the bus stop and also having our car locked in for the night, but it all worked out in the end and we drove home exhausted.  God had His hand upon us for sure!

Its so nice to visit the city with appreciative audiences.  Thanks for visiting, girls! <3

Oh! I almost forgot: I got to tweeting some of our adventures that day and accidentally happened to prick the interest of the Muni Diaries blog.  Caiden became famous and got her picture and caption blogged on their site.  Go check out the tiniest pro muni rider featured on munidiaries...

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allisonescalante said...

how was caiden walking in el's rain boots? crazy girl