Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yay for surprises!  David's parents surprised us with a visit over this last weekend.  Split second decision and they were all piled into their suburban by 8pm and drove the 8 hour drive from southern California to our house.  Now that's love!

It was actually a very beautiful thing, because it was a direct answer to one of Elliott's prayers.  Elliott has been having an earnest desire to hear from the Lord and has been asking lots and lots of questions.  He misses his grandparents fiercely and prays with tears, almost every night, about how much he misses them and asking to see them soon.  Saturday morning he awoke to find his grandparents sleeping in his house!  What a wonderful and loving God we have who hears a little five year old boys' bedtime request and sees fit to answer it.

We got to give them a small tour of San Francisco while they were here--show them a few of our favorite spots.  We took them to Fort Point which is an incredible historical monument underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, Blue Bottle Coffee which is ridiculously good, the Aquarium of the Bay which is really cool, and a little drive through the city and along the wharf. We love San Francisco and feel so blessed to live near it!

{VERY windy!}

My sweetie pie took most of these photos. Thanks, Sweetie Pie (you know who you are *wink*).


Rachel was like.... said...

awe what a sweet suprise. i love the one of Dave and Caiden. looks like Caiden is going to fly right out of his arms! hahaha

Nina49a said...

that IS love! So sweet.

The Montgomerys said...

How great! You have a great family!!!!!!! <3

Hannah Hosh said...

God is so good! Love all the photos.