Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer Snapshot

Dave's been messing around with my camera and found a way to hack it and record video if it is connected to his computer.  So he's been trying his hand at cinematography.  Here's a small compilation of some of our summer moments... Courtesy of David Escalante. (Thanks, babe.)

Summer Snapshot from David Escalante on Vimeo.


P&K said...

the filming reminds me a lot of where the wild things are, or maybe its your adorable son & daughter, or maybe the music. anyhow, i like. props.

Anonymous said...

Corynne you're are so beautiful.
I love this video, so creative.
and your family is adorable

allisonescalante said...

this movie makes me sad. the piano teamed up with the brief images makes me think that i'm watching a movie where the husbands wife or kid died, and he's sitting in his living room grieving and remembering all these instances. all the guys at the end made it better though. it kinda takes me out of that thought when i see Cameron laughing. anywho... good job Davie...Crocket that is

Maggie said...

CRAZY good Dave.