Monday, September 20, 2010

Best Job On Earth

The best job on earth has got to be that of being a mom.  Of course it's tough, I'm not gonna lie.  But aren't challenges what we all thrive on?  Who wants a boring job anyway?  Nobody who has ever had one, I suspect.

I know that it is not possible or profitable for everyone to have this job, but here are some reasons why I personally enjoy it.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Mom:

1) There are so many opportunities to be used by God and watch the Holy Spirit working through me.  So many times, my kids will do something or ask something that I have no idea how to handle or answer.  As I pray and obediently "train up [my children] in the way they should go" I find the Lord consistently giving me answers and wisdom and direction that wasn't there before.  It is incredible to experience the Lord in this way. To see His faithfulness, His wisdom, His power.  Truly awesome!  I often think of what Jesus told His disciples although it is a slightly different context: "[...],do not worry about how or what you should answer, or what you should say. For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say." Luke 12:11,12

2) I laugh--a lot.  I have never laughed so much in my life as I have since being a parent.  I die laughing...every day.  There are things they say and things they do that are hilarious.  Some of them I share with you here.  But there are many, many more things that are probably much more hilarious, that I dare not share in this space.  They're more like family heirlooms.  And they're ours and we get to cherish them.  How cool is that?

3) I get to hang at home with my kids instead of slaving in an office somewhere for somebody else.  Instead, I get to invest in my own children.  I get to instill love, values, and truth into them every day.

4) I get to make my own schedule.  Enough said.

5) I get to (somewhat) unashamedly buy macaroni and cheese and no one cares, because after all, I have kids!

6) It gives me more of a sense of purpose in even the little things in life, like eating on time and at the table. Having a routine, playing the piano often, reading books, playing games, doing puzzles, loving my husband.  I have little people watching, scrutinizing, and questioning my every move. It is so fulfilling as you see your hard work pay off as they grow. Keeps me on my toes and and has grown my inner person and stretched me more than anything else ever has.

7) It gives me a good reason to go to the library on a regular basis.  I love the library!

8) Everything is more fun when you have little buddies with you! (except maybe when they're screaming)

9) I get to show them things I love and share things with them and watch them enjoy them, too.
10) Keeps me from being selfish and we all know that selfishness never makes you happy!

So, there you have, my top ten reasons why I love being a mom right now.  (Or at least, ten I can think of at the moment!) There are many, many more reasons to love this job, but that will do for now.  I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me this job and very blessed.

I love my kids!

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Mallorie said...

Caiden looks so grown up in the center picture with Elliot! Look at them, best buds. It's really precious.
Xoxo, Mallorie