Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lucky Number 7

November 1st marked seven years since we first said, "I do." We are both so thankful that the Lord created us for each other and brought us together.  To celebrate, we took a trip to... the city!  Surprised?  Well, actually, the whole point was not really where we were or what we were doing, except to just be together. 

(I will admit something to you, reader, because I think it is helpful to sometimes share a bit of the behind the scenes drama; that way we know we are not alone in our imperfections.  My admission is this: I was a little disappointed, at one point in our day, that we were not doing something "amazing" or "special" or "extraordinary."  At one point, I voiced these feelings, saying, "Couldn't we have just done this any day?  What makes this so special? I don't really feel like we're celebrating."  So we had a little talk about what it meant to him to be able to spend time with just me--no kids, no deadlines, no responsibilities. It really made sense.  My husband is such a great dad that when the kids are there, his mind is always churning with all the things one thinks about when one is in charge.  But, today, he declared, he was all mine, he could be with me in body, spirit, and mind--without distraction. And, he told me, that is all he wanted to do, to just be with me, spend time with me, it didn't matter what we "did." I think that made the whole day worth it right there.  I love this man, so.  And he loves me.)

So anyway, we left our kids with friends for the entire day--from 8AM to 11PM.  It was nuts.  We started our day together right, with coffee and our Bibles to get our hearts in tune with our Lord; and then we headed to the city, man!  We got more coffee, we walked, we even got to HOLD HANDS!  More coffee, food, we had some great lattes.

We ate some noodles from a crazy ramen joint.  Dave went traditional, and I of course went over the top. (Dave is on the left with his regular ramen bowl, whereas, my bowl on the right is like the crazy house special madness bowl. But I think that's why he loves me. I can never do regular, I always try the extraordinary.)

And then the craziest thing happened...  The Giants won the World Series!!  On our anniversary--in our honor--must have been. Dave decided I need a sports team so we drove around the city yelling about how my team just won!

San Francisco went wild, city hall was lit up orange in honor of the win, and people were yelling and dancing and honking and high five-ing each other every where we went.  Whole streets were taken over by mobs of people celebrating.

Even the buses got taken over by Giants fans.

This bus was across the street from us while we had some coffee and dessert.

While every one outside went nuts, we were just chillin'.  Cuz that's how we roll, gangsta.

Poor city bus.  The end.

Oh, and can I just say, that for seven years, this man's love has truly covered me, and has enabled me to grow and learn so much, it has given me security and protection and nurturing like nothing else in my life.  I am forever in his debt. The end, for real this time.


Linda Madin said...

I love you guys. Congratulations to you both. I would tell you to treasure each moment you have but I believe you already do! Hugs to all 4 of you. Linda Madin

Corynne Escalante said...

thank you so much for commenting this, mrs. madin. it is such an important reminder and all too often i can take these moments for granted. you have challenged me and i am so thankful. i need that. i love you!! and miss you so.

Anonymous said...

Love your pics of your anniversary. Looks and sounds like you had an awesome day. Fireworks, people out celebrating your day right in front of your coffee house, that is amazing. Mama D

allisonescalante said...

granola from the goat: sweet death