Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Impressive Apple Pie

This is an elegantly yummy dessert that makes quite the presentation with its apples piled high in a big mound covered with beautiful, buttery, flaky crust.  An old fashioned sort of dessert that is the perfect thing for a chilly fall evening with close friends. 

The market near my house had pie apples for something crazy like 46 cents a pound, last month, so I immediately thought of apple pie and Elliott (5) hastily agreed and climbed on board with my devious plan.  We made it on a regular weekday evening and ate it after dinner with a few friends; it was quite the homey treat.

My (borrowed) killer apple pie recipe can be found at Simply Recipes along with all of their other family tried and true recipes that have yet to disappoint. (The secret ingredient to the flaky crust is almond flour...sshhh...)  I would make any recipe from their blog.  Have your pie and eat it too! <3

Recipe Links:
Old Fashioned Apple Pie
All Butter Crust with Almonds


Sarah said...

Just stack up, apples can be stored for a looong time.

Anonymous said...

After dinner with friends? What about next weekend?