Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Bit of Trash Goes a Long Way

I thought these worthless jar lids might be useful someday and I could never bear to throw them out--just in case...  You know how it goes.  Annoying little boogers, floating around amongst my tupperware lids and somehow always mysteriously managing to end up on the floor somewhere or something. 

We were flipping through an old issue of "Good Things For Kids" from the editors of Martha Stewart Living (all of which you can find online with that link) and there was project after project that we just didn't have the trash for.  I kept having to deny Elliott's longings for rockets made out of tubes, cars made out of milk jugs, etc.  But, there was one trashy project that we did have supplies for.  So, we made some tin-top tap shoes for the kids.  Just goes to show you how useful it is to keep a little bit of garbage around sometimes... but just a little.  Everything in moderation, folks.

{Less than a dollar craft}

Just one question, though...  Do you think that when we do random stuff, like this, it makes up just a little bit for all the projects I don't do with Elliott during the course of our homeschooling during the day?  Here's to hoping for more brownie points on my teaching skills chart... <3 Cheers!

P.S. I decided not to bore you with all the possible explanations for my children's wardrobe choices.  You can thank me later.


Rachel was like.... said...

such a great idea!! I realized that i stalk your blog every time you have a new post, but never comment! It sounds like you are doing a great job homeschooling and i am LOVING all your creative pictures :)

Anonymous said...

So....cute! You need to put some music to the dance. Those kids are amazing! G-ma