Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My son the sartorialist...along with my daughter from WWF.

So 'sartorialist' is not in the dictionary, but it seems to have been made up by this guySartorial is an adjective meaning having to do with clothes and tailoring.  After reading The Sartorialist for a few years, the word 'sartorialist' has hitched itself upon my vocabulary and perfectly describes to me, someone like Elliott.  Someone concerned with fashion and fine details.  He is such a crack up.

He is so particular and loves getting dressed in "outfits." He put this shirt on the other day before going out for a walk.  He insisted upon the tie.

And Caiden is such a little fighter. 

Love my kids.

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The Montgomerys said...

I love you kids too. The other day we were driving and Joe turns to me and out of blue says, "Caiden is really cute huh!!!!". Ahhhhh. I think Elliott is so a Cryn & Dave child....he gets he good fashion sense from you two fabulous people!