Monday, July 26, 2010

Cool Art Alert: Patty Bilbro

{Images from and Etsy}

One of those little blessings the Lord sent my way the other week was through my good friend, Danielle.  She came back from a visit to Asheville, North Carolina with a present for me.  One of these beautiful, handmade pottery mugs.  It is my favorite thing ever right now. I have hardly washed it since I received it two weeks ago.  I just keep rinsing it out and refilling it. It makes me so happy.  It was a very unexpected and very pleasant surprise. Both of which are sometimes hard to do.

Anyway, I had to share.  This artist is just to good to keep under wraps.  Her pottery is available online at Etsy! You must at least browse her collection. So wonderful!

Happy Monday, everyone. Hope it is cheerful.


b. kendall said...

The last pic reminds me of Caden. Maybe if she could picture herself as a bee she wouldn't be so terrified of them anymore.

Lindsey said...

So so cute!!!

The Montgomerys said...

so great!