Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have I Ever Mentioned...?

I. Hate. Toys.  Toys are my nemesis.  They challenge every single fiber of my being and threaten to choke all joy and sanity from my person.  I hate them.  Ugh.

Well, it is not really the toys themselves I hate, but rather the fact that I cannot organize them in my mind or make them orderly.

Although you probably won't believe me, now that I have prefaced with that outburst, we have been so blessed this Christmas with all the love and thoughtfulness that has been poured out on our little family from our outer circle of family and friends.  Presents by the dozen were showered down upon our two little children, saving face for us since we were not able to get them anything this year.

I love to give good gifts to my children.  I love it when they get gifts. But the consequential madness and confusion that ensues drives me absolutely nutty.  I hate it when things do not have "a spot."  We are collectors, our parents are collectors, our children are collectors...  There is just so much stuff.

I had a minor break down this evening as my husband and I cleaned up the battle field from the day.  Together we picked up bits of trash and granola, wiped down high chairs and dishes, tables and chairs.  Swept up food in the kitchen, put away five dozen blankets, pillows, and cushions that had been used to make a giant fort, and scooted the couch back up against the wall.  All of that along with battling an endless raid of ants that just keep coming and coming.  When I finally got to the pile of toys stacked up against the living room shelf with boxes and sacks filled to the brim and spilling over, I just lost it...  "I don't even know how to organize any of this." I agonized to David.  "Every thing seems to be a set: dinosaurs that come with trees and bushes, dart guns that go with darts and a target, a play purse that is filled with accessories, baby toys with insert-able shapes."  It is just so overwhelming for my mind to handle.  How do you put them away and still keep them together?  Its not like I can put every single set into a little baggy, because we all know how long that will last (about four seconds).  But simply throwing everything into one big bin or toy box does not settle well with me; which is why I came up with this system a while back, but its like a constant tug of war with the toys that seem to ebb and flow like the tides.

However, when David and I were looking back over our photos from this Christmas, all of that frustration flew straight out the window (for now) and I just feel so blessed to have spent such a wonderful time with my family.  We had a calm, quiet, and relaxing time at home, and it was so fun to watch the kids open present after present without a care in the world except for the excitement and wonder of what could possibly be in the next package.  So many, many heartfelt thanks to all of you, our loved ones, who made this fun and heartwarming experience possible, and for sending so much love and thought our way.  We love you!  And in spite of everything I said before: thank you, thank you for all of the toys! (I really mean that...)

Photos by David Escalante


The Montgomerys said...

Love, love, love this. I think my favs are the 1st one...and the one of Caiden and the doll...love her expression!!! I love Elliott's Christmas attire too...he is so CUTE!!!!!!!

I hate toys too...


Nina49a said...

Ugh! i hear you about the toys! there must be an easier way! Glad that you guys had a great Christmas and i love the photos (:

Rachel was like.... said...

awww Elliot looks so excited. i love that he always has some sort of tattoo on his arms in majority of his pictures lately. and i think he got the drumset Josh was wanting. ;)

allisonescalante said...

cryn, i dont know if you have ever noticed but you have this way of sitting when your cold and without a blanket. check the picture with el and the electric drums...