Friday, December 12, 2008

Cryn Tips : Work with What You've Got (Part 2)

Wrapping paper, you hold no weight over me.  I am no longer dependent upon your perfectly manicured surfaces and extravagant prices.  I am not lured into the trap of your satiny finishes and pretty patterns.  I am woman and I make my own.

I don't know why, but I just no longer use the stuff.  I think that in the beginning it was something born out of necessity and lack of funding, but once I stopped using wrapping paper the addiction was broken.  I actually prefer to make up my own kind of wrapping now.  I save little bits and scraps and pieces of things--ribbons, cool patterned paper or pieces of patterned paper bags, stickers, paper, and other odds and ends.  But my favorite way to wrap is usually upon the unspoiled canvas of a brown paper bag.  I haven't yet been so sophisticated as to go out and buy actual brown craft paper, but I hear you can find it for a dollar at the DollarTree Store.  I can't be sure though, because I haven't run out of paper bags and scraps yet.  After all, half the fun is figuring out how to make it work.  Starting from scratch.

These photos are from my latest wrapping mission that started spontaneously one night at about 11:30 pm and didn't wrap up until 4:30 am (whoops).  It had suddenly dawned on me that the food and candy items I had made (again, spontaneously that day), to go along with the rest of the gifts for my family on the East Coast, needed to be shipped out by morning if I wanted my candy to be alive when they received it.

I used paper lunch bags (for wrapping), salvaged tissue paper (for wrapping), a scrap piece of netting/organza type material (for a bow), embroidery yarn, or is it called thread? (for making bows on the paper bags by using a needle to draw the string through making the bow pattern), sharpie marker, Elliott's Charlie and Lola stamp set (with the red ink for pattern on the brown paper), letterpress on cardstock assortment of greeting scraps from Paper Source (for tags), other scraps of ribbon (for decorating).

Seems like most people these days are working with pretty tight budgets.  But we still want to make things look pretty, right?  The whole idea is just to work with what you've got and see what can come of it.  I think you will be surprised at how much stuff you actually do already have lying around that can be put to good use.  Carpe Diem, Seize the Day!

Photos by me this time actually (edited by David)


The Montgomerys said...

Wow your pics look amazing. You are my hero when it comes to being fabulous...I look up to you!!!!! I love the wrapping and is sooooooo awesome....and like I said...I have a love relationship with those pecans...I'm not sharing with your brother.

Love you


kangaroo said...

oh, just get right out of town. this is EXACTLY how we're wrapping our gifts this year. i'll post pics soon, however as i have nothing actually finished yet, there is no rush on the wrapping part. i love the tags, thanks for that idea!

mommyknows said...

They look terrific! We don't get groceries (or anything) in paper bags in my area, but I think I will try newspaper and add red and green ribbon.

Found my way here by way of BethanyActually -- I will be back.


Grace said...

No, you are cooler.

I cant wait to come seee you guys!!

Those are beautiful ideas!