Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cryn Tip : What To Do With Your Christmas Cards

We have virtually no art or wall displays on most of our walls, so this Christmas card display really works for our little apartment.  I took a piece of heavy knit yarn (its really thick) and pinned it up using two thumbtacks that end up flush with the wall.  I then used paper clips to clip cards and photos sent to us from family and friends.  Because the display is the approximate length of the couch and has three sides, I think it creates a nice decorative effect.

I also rounded up a few other good ideas for your cards in the list below:

Paper ball ornaments

Punch out gift tags

Photocard magnets


bethany actually said...

I do something similar with my cards, only I tie two ends of string onto something and then just open the cards and slide them down over the string so they're hanging. If it's a photocard I use a clothespin or tape to hang it. It made our entry hallway very cheerful this Christmas season! (Here is a photo) In years past, I've hung the string along the front of a fireplace mantel, or tied it to the banisters of our staircase.

kyle d cole said...

that's a very good idea...i'll have to think of that for next year...

hope you and the family have a fantastic new year's eve!!!


The Montgomerys said...

Hey, where is our super cool, fab Christmas card? Great idea!!!!

Loves ya


Corynne Escalante said...

bethany actually: actually, i saw your display and thought it was really neat. i really like your idea of hanging it over the fireplace or banister. very old fashioned-y feeling. i was actually going to link to your photo, but i was tired when posting this and i couldn't think of a good name to call it, so i'm glad you posted the link here.