Friday, August 29, 2008

What Goes Up Must Come Down

There are a few constants in life--gravity, for one. And then there are all of those catchy phrases like "what goes up must come down," and "if you spit in the air, it will land in your face." Another thing that you can pretty much count on in life is the certainty that if you leave something on the shore of the beach, when the tide comes in and goes out again, it will be washed out to sea.

You would think that you could count on something like that. I certainly was counting on it yesterday after Elliott accidentally dropped his half eaten nectarine into the sand.

"Just leave it there, Elliott." I wisely counseled him. No big deal, right? Tide comes in, the tide goes out--along with the yucky, half-eaten nectarine...

Well, wouldn't you know it, but darned if that nectarine wasn't sitting smack in the middle of a pool of sun-warmed sea water that had been left behind after the tide went back out when we showed up the next day! I kid you not!

We drove down to the beach today and I was so pleased to see this very large and shallow pool in the sand filled with water. Almost like a little pond. I thought, "Oooh, how fun. A warm puddle for the kids to play in..." And then, BAM! There it was, a grotesque, mangled nectarine with the skin still on it where Elliott hadn't gotten to it yet, smiling up at my guilt-ridden face.

Hhhmm... "Steer around that, kids. You can play in the nice puddle, but let's go over this way." (I wonder what else got washed up into that puddle.)


wrecklessgirl said...

hahahaha....that is sooo hilarious!

allisonescalante said...

youre teaching your kids to litter and not wash there hands after they pee? hahah. thats gonna come back and bite you on the butt. im glad you had a fun day