Monday, August 4, 2008

Cute Faces

Today we took a 3 hour trip to the local library.  One hour to get there.  One hour to be there. One hour to get back.  You should have seen me...  First, I set out, attempting to walk to multiple mile trip to the library with Caiden in the stroller and Elliott riding in front on the footrest of the stroller (He does that quite often--it works!).   But Caiden kept getting mad and kicking Elliott off and then I realized we forgot our water bottle...  So we walked back to the house and realized Caiden threw out her pacifier somewhere along the way.  I couldn't find another one and Caiden kept screaming whenever Elliott tried to hop on the front of the stroller.  So I grabbed a water bottle, got Elliott's bike and helmet, and borrowed the strap off of an old (diaper) bag.  As we re-walked our previous steps toward the library, we spotted Caiden's dropped pacifier, only to have her throw it out somewhere along the way a second time, never to be seen again.

What was the strap for,  you might ask?  Well.  Elliott did great on the way to the library.  Stopping every couple of yards or so to rest in a shady spot and take a sip of water.  But on the way home...  That is another story entirely.

It was hot by that time, not to mention naptime.  So, I hooked that blasted strap around Elliott's handle bars and dragged him and that stupid bike all the way home...

On a separate note, entirely:  I'm going to try my hand at stir-fry tonight...


wrecklessgirl said...

you have a tough job sister, i don't know how you did it! dang. one of *those* days...i remember them nannying :)


Johanna said...

Why yes, I did wonder what the strap was for. Very cute photo of everyone especially Caiden. And especially you. Ok Elliot too.

The Montgomerys said...

Ok so we like totally live in the same universe right because that is so my life (remember my library walk horror story) but it was worth it. Cute those munchkins...and you!!!!

How did the stir-fry turn out?