Friday, August 15, 2008

Knock, knock. Who's there?

Grandma! Grandma's coming to town. Woohoo! That's what Elliott and I were shouting and yelling as we drove up to Baggage Claim #1 to pick up Grandma from the Oakland Airport. "Grandma! Woohoo! Ka-chow! Yeeeeaaah!" we yelled, getting pumped up. And just to make sure he was stoked up to his full potential, I put on the "jyon jyon" song (Elliott's name for "Apocolypse Please" by Muse) which usually makes him start yelling "Yah! Kachow! Alright!" and gets him really pumped. He was ready. But as soon as he actually saw her, his excitement went to almost danger level. He was so excited, I think he just about broke through his 3 point harness system in his super hero seat as he screamed her name and strained forward to get at her and be heard. It was great.

So, we've got Grandma here with us for a couple of days and we're really excited. She brought some really neat gifts, including Elliott's new bug light he's holding below. The second photo shows how dark it was in real life without the long exposure that David used on the first photo. This is Elliott and Grandma getting ready for their "campout" with Elliott sitting on the couch holding his light. He was so excited. He kept running around the house trying to get things just right. Run down the hall! Turn on the bathroom light! Run back out to the couch and climb back up. Jump down! Run to the kitchen-- turn out the light! Run back! Get up. Jump down! Run down the hall! Shut the bathroom door! Run back! Sit on the couch and grin. Shine the light all around the room... Get up. Sit down. I'm surprised that boy ever went to sleep.

I think the photo is so classic with Elliott's bugcatcher and undies in the foreground... What else does a small boy need?

Photos by David Escalante


The Montgomerys said...

That was the sweetest thing ever...we felt the same way when my mom got here. I love this blog....makes me happy. You guys have an awesome blessing in Dave's parents...they are so GREAT!!!

Hey, Elliott has great taste in

Also, we miss you terribly...gonna cry now...bye.

love you Corynne


elisabeth said...