Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Little Princess

Wasn't that such a great Shirley Temple film? Speaking of princesses... Caiden has recently honed the skill of waving and saying hello--well, she says "hiya", to be more precise. Just to let people know how cute she is, she decided to not be just any ordinary hand-waver. My girl wants to do the princess wave (and we didn't teach it to her, she came up with it all on her own). Just watch:

And then there's the beauty of spontaneous kisses...

And monkey see, monkey do:

Seems like parents have video fever right now. Check out baby Charlotte taking her first steps or little Noah making animal sounds if you're in need of some more baby love... And of course, who hasn't seen "Charlie bit me" or the laughing baby on YouTube. If you haven't, you're in for a real treat!


The Montgomerys said...

She is so adorable....thank so much for putting this up!!!! Oh my it so much!!! You my dear, are soooooooo beautiful!!! You both are!!! She is such an amazing little girl can't wait to see her (and you guys too) again soon.

Love you!!!!!!


The Montgomerys said...

Also, I love your look so amazing...looking good girl!!!



Nina49a said...

"Hiya"...too cute. She totally says "Thank you" in the kissing video! And "Mama!!!"...were still all about "Dada" over here. But I'm working on it! Miss you guys!

wrecklessgirl said...

your kids are so dang much that, i'd like to shoot them with a Canon.

and that is that :)
see you this weekend!!!

Brittany Anne Myers said...