Friday, September 5, 2008

A Boy is a Boy is a Boy is a Boy

As a follow up to a previous post about Caiden, I thought I would also commend my boy, Elliott. Let you know some things that make him special. My little gift. The first one. My little buddy. After David and I got married and I would see little kids, I thought, "I want one." I used to tell David about how I wanted "a little guy to follow me around and be my little buddy." I've talked before about how I don't like to be alone, coming from a family of six kids and all. And although, I realize that it can be a selfish reason to want to have a kid, it was a small factor. Elliott has been a huge blessing, as well as a challenge. He did everything early. He really keeps you on your toes. When other kids were still lounging on their bellies on a play mat, Elliott was crawling around and getting into everything. Friends of our used to be so shocked when Elliott would come over, because he had such an innate ability to get in to things that a normal or child would never even consider.

Put it this way: David and his brother, Robert, were dubbed, "The Tornado Brothers" when they were kids. Suffice it to say that the legacy has been passed down.

Elliott: A challenge? Absolutely. Worth it? Resoundingly, yes! He is really an amazing person.

It is all of those ways that he is that make him Elliott. I love his little personality. Inquisitive, persistent, funny, thoughtful, sweet, sensitive, loving, loud, crazy, full of energy and fire. But along with crazy he can also be gentle, kind, and considerate. He's a boy!

10 Fun Facts About Elliott:

1. His middle name is Satchel. (there is still debate about who thought that name up during a coffee time with friends at our house)

2. For the longest time, Elliott had been referring to himself in the third person, by mistake. He would say things like, "He likes that," or "He doesn't want to go to bed." He's finally starting to outgrow it.

3. Elliott tells David and me that he loves us at least a couple dozen times a day on his own accord.

4. Elliott has an undiminishable desire to become "Mr. Incredible" when he "gets big." Every time he eats something, he asks me, "Will this make me like Mr. Incredible, Mom?" (of course candy and other junk food does not; veggies and fruit and other good things do...)

5. Elliott calls his great-grandpa, "Grandpa, Grandpa." (twice a grandpa, always a grandpa)

6. Sometimes while deliberating over what snack we should eat, he will say, "Can we just have something delicious?"

7. Elliott loves people. He loves having company over. Randomly throughout the day, he will often ask, "Who's coming over, mom?"

8. He can flawlessly operate an iPhone and other computers or like devices.

9. He knows and remembers about 3 or 4 memory verses so far (snippets of verses, to be exact). They are: "Love the Lord your God," "Let us love one another," "Love is patient, love is kind," and one more that I can't think of at the moment.

10. For the mere fact that it is "dinner" he will not eat it. A snack is fine: dinner is not.


nathaniel said...

this makes me very happy because sauvignon is nonstop, hyper strong, and moms are always saying "oh my son was really hyper but my goodness not like your son he never stops, does he?" which sometimes makes me think that he is some sort abnormal-energyprodigy child

Melissa Ashley Leveck said...

Hey Corynne, I miss ya.

allisonescalante said...

he freaks out at the funniest things - ie: hair

he asks for fresh water

he ... more to come... i just got called away on business