Thursday, February 7, 2008

Look out! A little love, coming your way!

I love Valentine's Day!  I know, I know... "Just another day for the retailers to exploit us." "You don't need a special day to love someone or be loved."  or the worst, "I just broke up with somebody."

Well, put all of that aside and celebrate...  Here is why I have always loved Valentine's Day.

1.  I was born a few hours after Valentine's Day and my parents always made me feel like this was my special day and told me that I was their Valentine's Day gift.

2.  For me, it has always been about my family.  I love a day to make them heart shaped cards and notes and tell them I love them.

3.  I love celebrating stuff!

To be honest with you, Valentine's Day, the normal way, makes me feel sick!  Ugh!  I can't stand the mushy-gushy way to celebrate, where it is all ultra-romantic and red roses and weird boxes of chocolate...  Its too forced and awkward and there's just too much hype and weirdness. Please, none of that for me, thank you!  I would rather just express a normal love for my friends and family in a normal, rational manner.

V-Day should be fun and happy and pleasant and inclusive of everyone.  It should not be celebrated alone by separate couples.  I look forward to having a happy day with my kids and husband.  I will give my hubby a note and some chocolate (because he likes chocolate) and I will give Elliott a balloon and maybe some candy.  I will not exclude my kids, it is about them, too.   We will also include our friends...

Here's a look at what Elliott and I have been working on for those we love...
What you'll need:
1) an artist (like Elliott)
2) some card stock or other such thick paper
3) some finger paints
4) a marker
5) scissors
6) a lot of soap and water for clean up

Cut out hearts. (or when Elliott was little, I would let him paint a whole page and then cut out the hearts from the already painted page)

Fingerpaint hearts.

Inscribe hearts with the saying of your choice.

Address the backs.

Attach to a cellophane bag with pink and white m&m's or individually wrapped Ghirardelli squares.  (or fruit snacks, depending on the age)  Or just leave separate.

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