Monday, May 21, 2012

Twin Day

Being with my family seems to be my biggest inspiration to blog.  Remember "Monday Funday"?  Well, this week we got lucky and Elliott had Monday off from school, so we were all able to spend the whole day together.  I love that!

A lot of people ask me if Elliott and Caiden get along well together.  My answer is usually a really long version of "Yes, but they still fight sometimes." Lately, though, they seem to be having a hard time finding their groove.  Its like they don't know that they're on the same team.  Each one seems to be thinking that the other's intentions are always negative and so it becomes a vicious cycle of frustration and betrayal for them both.

Today was beautiful though: Dave and I were discussing how it seemed like they woke up today and decided to be on the same team.  They got their own breakfast and helped each other with it and then headed to their room where lots of giggling and pleasant conversation could be heard (music to my ears!). They emerged from their room, tangled up and falling all over each other and giggling.  "We're twins!" they announced.  "Because we're spies..." (Kids after my own exact heart!)  And so they were.

That kicked off a pretty fun Monday.


Anonymous said...

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Mallorie said...

adorable! and my goodness caiden is getting tall! it looks she's sneaking up on elliot these days!

The Montgomerys said...

Gorgeous children...beautiful family!