Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday is the New Saturday

A lot of people dread Monday, but I'm a recent convert to Monday love!  You see, we recently started a church in Berkeley which means that my husband prepares all day Saturday and then Sunday is busy with setting up and tearing down for the church service.  So... Monday is the new Saturday!  Does that make sense???

On Monday, I forget about the laundry and other useless responsibilities and just worry about spending time with my love... and my little loves, too.  We go on adventures, explore, and sometimes just relax... as a family.  Its soooo nice: its so nice, after having six busy days in a row, to have a little down time with no pressing deadlines--even if its on a Monday and not a Saturday.

Usually, Elliott can't join us until after school, but this week is Spring vacation!  So exciting! No getting up early, no leaving Elliott at school.  Its an all family Saturday Monday!

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