Thursday, April 5, 2012

Work it!

My family has been having great fun making fun of me lately, because on Wednesday I jumped back on to the "working out train" and barely made it through level 1 of my usual circuit.  My husband was especially bad with his taunts and then this morning as I mentally prepared my children that I was going to do my work out (because they seem like they always need a verbal run through of events), Elliott asked if he could join me and do the whole thing.  He started telling me about how HE would not have any problems and he started demonstrating some of the moves that I had failed in yesterday and telling me how it easy it was for him.

"Yah, well we'll see how easy it is for you after you've been jumping around for 20 minutes before you get to that and see how easy it is for you then!"

So we did the work out together except for Elliott didn't use weights, and although he complained a little here and there and got a little frustrated when he wasn't sure how to execute something right, he made it all the way through and we were both hurting for the rest of the day!

That picture above is our proud moment when we conquered...  And I have no idea how to flex my bicep, but we both made a show of it, so there you go!