Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Let My Kids Dress Themselves

I can only blame my mom.  She had 6 kids and she let us all dress ourselves.  And we grew up in the 90's.  We're talking "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" meets hand-me-down home-schoolers.  My mom was a very practical mother: she spoke to us with grown up words so we would expand our vocabulary, didn't baby us when we got injured, let us dress ourselves so we could be self-expressive and independent.  I've tried to branch out, but I just can't get very far away from the model she left for me.  I thought, "I'll just make sure there is nothing in my kids drawers that I don't like."  But... that was just unrealistic.  Besides, you can make some pretty horrendous combinations with even the most professionally stocked closets.

I know you'll likely tell me how cute she looks (I agree), but really, how many of you would honestly commit the sin of omission by letting this little goon out of the house in some of these outfits???  (Honestly, my husband wouldn't!)

But... this all makes for good blogging and a mighty interesting life!  I love it!


Mallorie said...

She's the best!

Jesse's Girl said...

Seriously one of my favorite blogs yet! I love your kids!

Corynne Escalante said...

Mallorie and Jesse's Girl: Thank you guys so much! xoxo

The Montgomerys said...

I love this! I think she does an awesome job! She is so cool! Love her <3