Wednesday, May 2, 2012

30 Meals

I'm a very secretive cook.  For some reason, I seem to have an aversion to talking about what I'm making for dinner; and I am someone who likes to talk about everything.  Really, I tend to err on the side of over-sharing, but not when it comes to dinner preparation.  I am very self conscious about my meals.  Its weird and I don't have a very good explanation for it.  If my kids ask me, "What's for dinner?" I freeze.  Is it because I'm afraid they will complain about what it is?  Maybe.

When my husband asks me, "Whatcha making?" I take this as a great offense.  Do I think he doesn't trust me?  I don't know.  Whatever my hang up is, its weird.  I like baking better. If you put butter and sugar in it, you know you're gonna make people happy.  Maybe that's my problem... I'm a people pleaser, and dessert just makes people happier than regular food.  I'm always afraid my regular food won't measure up.

With all that said, I recently sat down and tortured myself by racking my brain to come up with 30 meals--enough for one month of meals, because I get discouraged about dinner and tired of making the same thing all the time--chicken to be specific. My 30 meal list has been helpful in that I don't have to make the same thing twice in one month.  So now, I just look at my list and decide which meals I will make for that week and cross off the meals as I go.  I have the monthly list on my computer and I write out my weekly meal schedule and tack it to the fridge for easy reference.  I find that I'm not as discouraged from making dinner anymore and less likely to give up and go out to eat. And you know I like lists!

This scares me, but... I'm gonna give you my list.  I'm closing my eyes and hitting send.  This goes against everything the secretive cook inside of me stands for, but I'm hoping maybe it will help you.  I know I would love an honest peak into someone else's dinner routine.  So here goes nothin'.

Cryn's 30 Meal List

1) Enchiladas + Beans
2) Chili + Cornbread
4) Chicken Carbonara Pasta + Broccoli
5) Spaghetti + Broccoli
6) Chicken, Red Potatoes, Veggies
7) Bake Potatoes + Baked Beans + Broccoli
8) Breakfast For Dinner
9) Chicken Tacos
10) Bean + Cheese Burritos
11) Salmon + Cous Cous + Veg
12) Fish Tacos
14) Pesto Pasta + Broccoli
17) Hot Dogs, Mac+Cheese, + Veg
18) Chicken, Roasted Cauliflower, Potatoes
19) BBQ Chicken Salad
20) Pizza +Salad
21) Teriyaki Chicken + Rice Bowls with Grilled Veggies
22) Burgers, Bake Fries or Home Fries, + Veg or Salad
23) Lasagna + Broccoli
24) Quiche + Salad
25) Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Corn + Broccoli or Green Beans
26) Pork Chops + Brown Rice Medley (from T.J.'s) + Veggies
27) Grilled Cheese + Canned Soup + Chopped Veggies (Carrots, Cucumbers, Pickles)
28) B.L.T.A.'s + Salad
29) Corn Chowder + French Bread
30) I lied. There is no 30th meal! I guess I ran out of ideas.


Mallorie said...

Cryn, I am excited for this!! I've made a similar pasta to the farfelle pasta you have listed at number 13. It was really stinkin good if you are interested. :)

Jesse's Girl said...

I LOVE this list! So many great ideas, good inspiration for new dinner to make for the Husband! Love you!

caroline said...

ha! i love this! thanks for indulging us, cryn!

Lindsey said...

Sounds yummy!!! I need to do this too... It'll save time, thinking, and money!

The Montgomerys said...

What a wonderful idea! I love it! The meals all sound delicious!!!

Michelle Moore said...

I remember eating the BBQ chicken salad at your house and it was SO YUMMY!! Don't be discouraged!!! XO

Corynne Escalante said...

michelle, yes! I remember that! in fact, i think that was one of the first times we ever made it! i'm so glad to have that memory with you! :) thank you for your sweet words. xoxo