Friday, May 25, 2012

The One with the Kite

What is it about kites that is so dang fun?  I'll tell you: nothing!  Flying kites is not fun.  Not really.  I think the funnest part about flying a kite is wondering whether you will actually get it to fly or not, throwing it up as hard as you can into the air, and just hoping.  But after that, once its up...  There is absolutely nothing fun about standing there holding onto that string.  At least not for me.  Feel free to chime in here and educate me.  What am I missing?

At least the kids think its fun, though, and thats enough for me.  Just not enough to make me want to ever ask them if they would like to go fly kites.  Boring!

These kite pictures were made possible by a kind soul who brought a kite along on our walk today so Caiden could fly it.  She's much less cynical than me...

"My Kite Is An Amazing Sight"
A kite glides and slides
Through the air,
That's why I have a kite,
It is an amazing sight.
Elliott Escalante

And apparently Elliott thinks that kites are amazing, too.  We recently took a field trip to see some tide pools and fly kites.  I have to admit it was pretty cute to see Elliott and all his classmates lined up by the edge of the water, running desperately up and down the beach trying to keep their kites in the air...