Monday, August 30, 2010

The End-ish of Summer/The Fair

Oh, 'deer'! I forgot to tell you about the fair! My friend, Abagail, has thoroughly and completely convinced me that its time for fall with this post here.  After reading that, I'm rearing to go!

But not before I show you these:

Elliott loves the fair!  So do I.  My favorite part is paying $6 for a photo strip with my kids in the photo booth.  And free icecream from Clover.  And the fair smells--fried food, warm summer grass and hay, animals.  Dave was really impressed with the Sonoma County Fair, having only ever attending the OC Fair that is held on asphalt every year.  He was telling me as we walked around, "This is like a real fair.  There's like, grass and stuff!"  Yep, there sure is.

I was so impressed, last year, that the petting zoo had a fawn.  But this year, I was totally oblivious to the fact that they had a real live kangaroo in the petting zoo!  I totally missed it!  Dave and Elliott told me afterward...  Little boogers.

Caiden was just the right height for all goats to nibble her hair.  She wasn't too happy about it.

And Dave had this little fella that wanted to come home with him.  Look at him, he just wants to be part of the family.  Dave let him hang out while he took some pictures.  Father syndrome.

Caiden let us take her on this one ride and loved it!  But every other ride she screamed if we tried to get her on.  And then she screamed because she didn't get to ride.  Oh, women.

Elliott had a blast riding a few rides and then requested lemonade.  Now if we only had some livestock to enter...

Fairs are fun.  The end.

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The Montgomerys said...

Beautiful Family! We had a little local fair here too, it was so much fun! They had the best homemade donuts....ever!!!!!