Thursday, August 26, 2010

Honey, I'm Home.

Old news, but... we're back!  The kids and I had a wonderful time at the beach for a whole week!  The weather was warm (which was a first for the summer), the company was grand, and Elliott and I got to read the adventures of Peter Pan every night. (Which I only noticed after the fact that we read the abridged version! Ggggrrr... Now I'm on the hunt for the original.)

I just realized this year, looking back, that we seem to have a tradition going here.  We have vacationed every year at Carpinteria since Elliott was in the womb.  Which means we've been doing this for six years now.  Both of the kids have been taking semi-annual trips to Carpinteria since birth, which is so exciting to me, since I think about everything like I'm in a movie.  I love the idea of extended family gatherings every year and I finally realized, we have one!

{My beautiful sister-in-law, Allison posted a few more pictures of the trip on her blog, so wander on over to see a tad more...}

Its good to be home!


Maggie said...

your bangs look super cute cryn!

The Montgomerys said...

Beautiful kids! I cannot believe how BIG Elliott is!! You do look very very cute with bangs! What a wonderful tradition!
Monica ;)

allisonescalante said...

caiden's famous faces.... hahaha. she's so silly